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Horsebox Bar

Meet TIPSY......All garden parties need a bar.  Ours is a converted horsebox and she's beautiful.  Inside Tipsy's  kitted out with all the essentials - sinks, fridge & freezer, lighting and power.  On the outside she's painted in neutral colours so you can dress her up exactly as you like with her cute signature black and white awnings.

Tipsy is available for dry hire so you or your venue can use her to look pretty and as a base to serve your own drinks.  Or we can load her up with your choice of wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, mocktails or teas and coffees and offer our full mobile bar service

Dry Hire Icon_edited_edited.jpg


Perfect if your venue already has a bar - they can use our horsebox bar as their own. So you can still have her and she still gets to go to the party!!

Or, if you want to run your own bar, we'll deliver her, set her up and hand her over.  She'll be all yours for the duration of the event.... (we'll collect her in the morning!)

Fizz  Icon.png


Maybe you just need the fridges full of Fizz?  Well that's no problem at all - we can source Champagnes, Prosecco, local sparkling wines pink, white or both.  Your Fizz Bar awaits... 


And our Prosecco Wall would be an absolutely perfect addition.  Don't forget to add this beauty to your Party in the Garden set up, in all it's glory!

All Bases  Icon.png

      THE All-BASES
         PARTY BAR

So, this option is over to you....tell us a little about your party guests - and then let us curate the perfect Bar Menu for your event.  Trust us - we understand the difference between the end-of-season Rugby Ball and a classy Hen Party party for 30 lovely ladies...and all parties in-between!

Little Mocktails  Icon.png


So we can include delicious Mocktails on any of our bar set ups.  Or, if you're hosting a Party in the Garden for a younger crowd, this bar menu is ideal.  We can keep them refreshing and simple, serve Mer-Mocktils for Mermaid themed birthday parties or Haribo Dacaris with a shot of Strawbs and popping candy on the side!  Our Sugar Rush Mocktails range is fresh out of Candyland and will go down a treat.  The perfect accompaniment to our Candy Wall Pick & Mix Stand too of course!

Cocktails  Icon.png



We totally get that - and we can do that!!  Perhaps your venue already has a bar but they don't offer cocktails?? 

We do!!  If it's Ok with them, we can just rock up and WOW your guests with our  Mojitos, Pina Coladas and Pornstar Martinis - bring it on!!

Cafe Bar Icon (1).png


Sometimes you just need to keep things simple and civilised.  We have a coffee machine and all the tea making facilities....we know how to put a Salted Caramel Frapaccino together and whip up a luxury hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and all the sprinkles.  Leave it to us we can bring all the delights of your favourite coffee shop straight to your Party in the Garden.

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